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Although I have been involved with spiritual healing and reiki healing for many years within the last seven years another type of therapy has evolved which concentrates on the evoloution of the chakras. In 2007 I was encouraged to promote the colour called Magenta as it appeared within an evolving chakra from the earth, and the point of notice came through a very unusual poppy growing in my garden that only appeared for a short time that summer and has never appeared since. It was a very dark plum colour with shades of a lighter pink in places, I painted a picture of it.
I then attended a meeting of a group called ‘The Healer Foundation’ and the lady who gave a talk that day was Rena, whose field of expertise was the healing benefits of energies and their colours, she mentioned this particular colour as being an evolving energy field from beneath the earth’s surface. I was obviously fascinated by this. Several years went by and Rena has developed a healing technique called’ Evolving Chakras, The 5 Awakenings’ and she has been impressed to give it the general name of ‘Magenta Therapy’, I have attended her practitioner courses on this. She, herself, had commissioned artwork for her use, but I felt impressed to make my own artwork in the form of a Lighthouse with all the colours building up through it.
earth chakraSheila's lighthouse pic

Reiki – What is it?

Reiki HealingAs defined by the UK Reiki Federation which I am proud to belong to.
Reiki is a natural healing energy activated by intention. It works on every level, not just the physical. The practice of Reiki is an original method of healing developed by Mikao Usui in Japan in the 20th century.
The Japanese word ‘Reiki’ means ‘Universal Energy’. Eastern medicine has always recognised and worked with this energy which flows through all living things and is vital to well-being; known as ‘ki’ in Japan, ‘Chi’ in China and ‘Prana’ in India.

Reiki is non- invasive, gentle and yet powerful, and may be used with confidence alongside orthodox medicine, which is will enhance. It is not an alternative to conventional medicine and a doctor should always be consulted about acute, infectious and emergency conditions. A Reiki treatment should be non- diagnostic, non- manipulative and without pressure.

The patient remains fully clothed other than perhaps removing shoes. The practitioner will place their hands gently on the patient or may have them a few inches above the patient’s body. Reiki also works very well from a distance.
Animals also love being given Reiki, but again the law is quite specific that diagnosis and treatment, other than emergency first aid, can only be given by a qualified veterinary surgeon. Unless the animal actually belongs to the practitioner, the owner must be made aware of this, and asked whether they have sought veterinary advice as this is necessary before Reiki can be given.

Usui Reiki works on a system of three levels which are passed from a Master/Trainer to the student via symbols and attunements. Although these symbols can be seen in some books, and on the internet, it is my personal feeling that they should be respected as sacred, and that the attunements should be done in person rather than from a distance. The attunement ceremony is beautiful and spiritual and should be enjoyed by both the student and the master.

There are Many Other types of Reiki

As time has gone by Masters have been inspired to develop other forms of Reiki and all have their place, there are many types of Reiki relating to animal energies each having their own recognisable sensations and purpose. These attunements can work very well from a distance by ‘Chi Ball’ method which I have personally found very effective and have no hesitation in passing on, although the attunement can be passed in person. The learning manuals are sent as e-books and when the student is ready to accept the attunement it is prepared.

With the Animal Reiki attunements I personally prepare a painting of the animal that I feel is the closest to the student at that time. This will be an A5 painting in watercolour.

Type of Reiki required

Healing Star Reiki

Healing Star ReikiThis is a relatively new style of Reiki initiated by Anne Bruce who is a Reiki Master. It can be passed on to anyone who has sufficient level of Reiki by delivering the necessary attunement. It responds to a beautiful ice blue colour and has originated from the energy of the stars.

Price: £10

Tiger Reiki

Tiger ReikiThis type of Reiki responds to the universal energy of the tiger and I have added to this the energy of the snow leopard as it has been discovered that they are genetically connected ‘sisters’. With this comes an A5 watercolour painting of the animal I am inspired to bring forward for the recipient.

Price: £15

Bear Reiki

Bear ReikiThis style of Reikiresponds to the energy of the universal bear and comes with an A5 watercolour colour painting of the animal I am inspired to bring forward for the recipient.

Price: £15

Animal Empowerments

Bat..Dragonfly..Great Horned Owl..Butterfly..

Animal Empowerment Reiki

Many animals come to us as Totems or Power Animals and each has a specific energy that they can help and empower us with. These are some of the animals that can come forward when they are needed bringing their ancient wisdom. There will be an A5 watercolour painting of the particular animal that comes forward for the recipient at the time of the empowerments.

Price: £15

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