Psychic Art Stories

Here’s what some of my clients have to say …

Sheila painted a picture for me to help me with my spiritual footpath as I was stuck at the time. I have this picture where I can see it every day and it gives me inspiration as it reminds me of how to make changes. The picture is of a dragon standing on one side of a river that flows through a deep gorge. The dragon stands on green fertile land facing the opposite bank while breathing fire towards the land opposite which is covered in snow and ice and seems quite inhospitable. To me the picture is telling me to always breathe warmth and love to anything and anyone that seems to be hostile and cold, so changing what I see and meet as I partake of my spiritual journey.Sheila is a remarkable lady who, like many, has helped others while going through quite difficult times herself. I would recommend anyone to contact her and take one of her paintings as I know they would greatly benefit from doing so.

Barry F Grainger

My picture is of the jungle and although Sheila has already described how I have been using it I really would like to add an update to that. Now when I start to do a reading or a meditation with a client as soon as I shut my eyes I see my picture clearly even when it is in another room. I feel myself lifted on to my elephant and I am totally aware of the strength and protection I am receiving. Although Sheila has described my picture I really want to add how my experiences have moved on as I work with it. Now when I start to do a reading or a meditation, either with a client or for myself, as soon as I shut my eyes I am in my picture, even if it is in another room. I feel myself lifted on to my elephant and I feel the strength and protection as if it is a cloak. I have also had some beautiful spiritual experiences with some of her other cards and pictures.

Laura Newsholme, Essex

I was truly amazed at the picture and reading I received from Sheila. She didn’t know anything about my current situation and I certainly didn’t give anything away at the time of the reading because I wanted to see what came back. The picture summed up a lot of things for me personally and I was amazed to recognize the setting too as being particularly relevant to a special place I knew as a child. The interpretation of the picture that I received was very significant and summed everything up. I use my picture for the healing energies it gives and a reminder that all is well. I’d recommend Sheila’s psychic art to everyone who wants something special and unique.

Wendy Howard, Wisbech St Mary

I have just been through a stressful few weeks with my health. What I had to do was dig deep with my spiritual side, and try to find it which is hard when we are stressed or worried. Having a painting by Shelia of an owl helped me to calm the mind and get a clearer picture. The painting is so full of detail and I had a meditation to do with it. The way I found it helpful was as I looked into the picture taking note of the colour and what the owl was doing, helped me to really calm my mind and I got a sign to say all would be OK, which luckily it was. I would recommend having a session with Shelia you will get many wonderful things from it, and you have your own painting/drawing that you can keep and use time and time again.

Robert Day, Dorset

This lovely indian came through for my friend laura.
This lovely indian came through for my friend laura.
Apart from bringing his own energy he told us that he brought the strength of the Puma to support her. It is lovely when a power animal comes through as well. At the time I had just finished a special painting for her depicting a guide that showed us a life time in Ireland when she was called Colleen and also another lifetime when she/he was named Koh-Lin. This I found fascinating.
This is the beautiful guide who helps my friend laura
This is the beautiful guide who helps my friend laura