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Psychic Reading

Psychic Reading

(without Picture)

  • 40-50 Minutes of personal reading via Telephone, Email, or Face to Face
  • Personal Message



Telephone Reading

Telephone Reading

  • 25-30 Minutes of personal reading
  • Unique Art-Form Picture (406 x 305 mms)
  • Personal Message
  • Interpretation Guide



Face to Face Reading

Face to Face Reading

  • 30-45 Minutes of personal reading
  • Unique Art-Form Picture (406 x 305 mms)
  • Personal Message
  • Interpretation Guide



As a Gift

As a Gift

  • You may wish to give a spiritual art healing session to a friend or family member who needs guidance or healing at this time
  • Gift vouchers are available
  • (If the person is ill or in hospital I will work from an item which is special to them so I can channel the message this way)



Hello Sheila here again,
Sheila Moore - Psychic ArtistIt’s fantastic that you’re here and making this connection as I truly believe that people are attracted by the universal energy of abundance and you are here for this very special reason. I am at your service as your guide.

Everything is connected for a reason …

In my free e-book I explained how psychic art and mediumship can help you to becoming wealthier, happier and receive the abundance that the universe has always intended for everyone and that includes YOU!

Who Am I?

My name is Sheila Moore and I’m a psychic medium with over 35 years of channelling messages and healing from the spirit world. I help people with problems they are experiencing in their physical world to find answers and solutions from their spirit guides.

Channelling universal healing energies …

I use my special gift to firstly give you a psychic reading, which I am then able to represent your unique spiritual message into an artistic picture which is directly channelled from the spirit world especially for you. This picture will represent the guidance you need and the universally charged energies are channelled through by the colours and content of your picture. This forms part of your healing journey and provides guidance and pleasure in your everyday life.

I invite you to share my incredible journey

Sheila Moore - Psychic Art ReadingsI’d like to share my incredible journey with you so that you can discover how psychic art and mediumship is an extremely important and inspirational way of connecting with the spirit world.

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I’ve been a psychic medium for most of my life and in 2007 I was a part owner in a pet shop having studied a course in complementary therapies for animals which I was expecting to do within those premises. I knew that a hospital stay was imminent with an 8 week recovery time afterwards but of course, the spirit world can be impatient when they want something to come through – which of course they did.

Channelling words in automatic writing

I had always been able to channel words and write them down. This is known as inspirational or automatic writing. This often happens during readings too. It was during one of these insightful sessions that I received a communication. It was on August 4th 2007 telling me to buy more sophisticated computer equipment and to install it into my home and also plenty of art materials.

I didn’t do anything about it at that time as my hospital stay was imminent, but I decided to buy some books to study whilst resting, and went along to a new age shop. I asked for books on animal healing and to my surprise he handed me a book called ‘The Healing Energies of Colour’.

Colour has healing energies

It’s strange how the spirit world works because at that point I didn’t know that colour had healing energy. After purchasing the book, I started to read and became totally fascinated and couldn’t put the book down. To my surprise a relative gave me another colour therapy book and as I was convalescing I buried myself in those books for 8 weeks, stopping now and again to do some painting.

My business partner and I decided to sell the shop and I finally realised that this was a turning point that the spirits had intended for my psychic art and healing work. I was able to start doing the psychic paintings in the manner I was being inspired to do them by my guides. In doing so, my life has become totally blessed. I now have the freedom to do what I do, which is helping others. I gain complete relaxation through my art and I gain so much wealth & abundance as the healing energies and messages flow through from the spirit world. This is my true path and I am so grateful for my amazing life and being able to share my gifts with the world in this way.

Healing energies for wealth and abundance …

WolfHaving found the pathway to channel my unique gift, one of the first psychic pictures I painted was of a beautiful yellow and gold wolf as the main focus. The surrounding colours were of magenta, green and purple. In colour healing the rule is that whatever main colour is used, the complementary colour should also be used as well. Therefore the magenta and lime green complemented each other and the yellow colour in the wolf complemented the purple. I didn’t know it at that time but this was particularly relevant for the friend that this picture was for, because he loved wolves and was quite a spiritual person. I was able to give him the message that had been channeled through to help him at that particular time in his life. The picture here is similar to his one, but is one of my healing cards.

Psychic art is more than a picture …

I began to understand that the colours themselves were giving off healing energy, as people who received my art would sometimes comment on the vibrational energy surrounding their picture. I then realized that these pictures were not meant to just hang on a wall, they were to be used to heal. From those early days many pictures came through and some I have turned into cards for healing such as the picture above. What would happen was that shortly after a picture was completed, I would channel the words that went with it and the words also would encourage, inspire and help the recipient to gain insight and to be able to handle their problems.

Every picture tells a story …

In fact, every picture tells a story because when I connect with you and do a reading the words are channeled through at that time. And then I am also given the art-form which contains subtle messages and healing colours which are unique to you.

For instance, I had a client recently who was always questioning her life purpose and spiritual abilities, although she was always helping people in her very special way. She is a brilliant medium and healer, but never accepts how special her gifts are. Her picture was a jungle scene with an elephant in the middle wearing a little seat for a person to travel on. There was a tiger in the undergrowth and in the tree above was a snake curled around a branch. There was a lot of bright green with red here and there. This shade of green indicates balance and healing and the complementary colour is red.

LakeThe elephant holds ancient power and strength, the tiger gives passion, power and devotion and the snake signifies death and rebirth. So she has no need to fear in her spiritual journey because she is well protected. She uses her picture when she is preparing to meditate, and this is what she has told me happens. She looks at it for a while, then she sees a brilliant white light and is transported to another dimension where she heals, teaches, and especially, helps people who are ready to go over to spirit. I then understood why her picture had a snake in it as she is so good at helping people through death and rebirth.

She has also told me that she uses one of my small healing cards for people that are seriously ill. This particular picture is about taking a safe and restful journey in a small boat. It has an orange envelope to enhance the healing energies.

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What happens during a session?

I am able to give telephone or personal readings. These vary depending on how we connect and I may use tarot, angel cards, runes, an astrological tarot, and of course spiritual connection with your guides and loved one’s,to gain insight and give you a full reading. These readings are recorded as either an MP3 or CD so you can listen to them again in your own time … at home … driving your car … or even at the gym. Listening to the reading again is very helpful as often you will discover more meaning and gain further insight into the messages from the spirit world.

As soon as I connect with you I will begin to receive an image of the art-form that is of particular relevance for you. It may contain images of past relatives, a significant place, animals, people, and even at times an image of your spirit guide. Every detail in your picture will have meaning to provide guidance. And the colours that I will be channelled to use from the spirit world will be a selection of healing colours relevant to what the spirit world feels you need in your life.

Sheila PaintingI start to work on your picture as soon as your telephone or personal reading is completed so that as much of the information is fresh and connected to you.

While I complete your picture, I will also gain messages from the spirit world whereby they will want to convey meaning to what is in the picture bringing insight, clarity, direction and comfort and joyfulness, as well as to heal.

I include a written translation with your picture which contains your unique message and also an explanation of how to use your picture to help you.

Here’s what some of my clients have to say …

Sheila painted a picture for me to help me with my spiritual footpath as I was stuck at the time. I have this picture where I can see it every day and it gives me inspiration as it reminds me of how to make changes. The picture is of a dragon standing on one side of a river that flows through a deep gorge. The dragon stands on green fertile land facing the opposite bank while breathing fire towards the land opposite which is covered in snow and ice and seems quite inhospitable. To me the picture is telling me to always breathe warmth and love to anything and anyone that seems to be hostile and cold, so changing what I see and meet as I partake of my spiritual journey.Sheila is a remarkable lady who, like many, has helped others while going through quite difficult times herself. I would recommend anyone to contact her and take one of her paintings as I know they would greatly benefit from doing so.

Barry F Grainger

There has been an update to this picture in 2016 the Dragon changed colour without anyone touching the picture.

My picture is of the jungle and although Sheila has already described how I have been using it I really would like to add an update to that. Now when I start to do a reading or a meditation with a client as soon as I shut my eyes I see my picture clearly even when it is in another room. I feel myself lifted on to my elephant and I am totally aware of the strength and protection I am receiving. Although Sheila has described my picture I really want to add how my experiences have moved on as I work with it. Now when I start to do a reading or a meditation, either with a client or for myself, as soon as I shut my eyes I am in my picture, even if it is in another room. I feel myself lifted on to my elephant and I feel the strength and protection as if it is a cloak. I have also had some beautiful spiritual experiences with some of her other cards and pictures.

Laura Newsholme, Essex

I was truly amazed at the picture and reading I received from Sheila. She didn’t know anything about my current situation and I certainly didn’t give anything away at the time of the reading because I wanted to see what came back. The picture summed up a lot of things for me personally and I was amazed to recognize the setting too as being particularly relevant to a special place I knew as a child. The interpretation of the picture that I received was very significant and summed everything up. I use my picture for the healing energies it gives and a reminder that all is well. I’d recommend Sheila’s psychic art to everyone who wants something special and unique.

Wendy Howard, Wisbech St Mary

I have just been through a stressful few weeks with my health. What I had to do was dig deep with my spiritual side, and try to find it which is hard when we are stressed or worried. Having a painting by Shelia of an owl helped me to calm the mind and get a clearer picture. The painting is so full of detail and I had a meditation to do with it. The way I found it helpful was as I looked into the picture taking note of the colour and what the owl was doing, helped me to really calm my mind and I got a sign to say all would be OK, which luckily it was. I would recommend having a session with Shelia you will get many wonderful things from it, and you have your own painting/drawing that you can keep and use time and time again.

Robert Day, Dorset

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I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and this is why you have been directed towards my special gift and psychic messages channelled through psychic art. In doing so, you will attract wealth, health and abundance.

I feel tremendously privileged to be able to do this work on behalf of the spirit world to help people just like you.

I look forward to being of service as your guide.

Sheila Moore

Sheila Moore.

P.S. Not only do the colours in your picture have their own specific energy vibration, they each have their own specific shape which enhances the power of healing colour.

P.P.S. The knowledge of psychic art goes back for many, many centuries. There is also a spiritual connotation coupled with geometric shapes which are known as sacred geometry or platonic solids (as relating to the ancient mathematician ‘Plato’). Shapes therefore may be significant in your picture too. I look forward to helping you access your own inner resources, accept challenges and recognize the abundance in your life.

Yes! I’d like to book my telephone session and to have my unique psychic art reading and spiritual message.

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P.P.P.S here is an amazing update. This year ‘2016’ the dragon in Barry Grainger’s picture changed colour and it was pointed out to him by another person. He telephoned me that evening to tell me, how it was done none of us know but it certainly made him pay attention.