My young man with connections to Somalia. There is an ‘M’ name that connects here.

My Soul:Enslaved is the title of my second book and the young man above has been used as the front cover image. Whilst my first book about Psychic Art was fun this was a totally different experience, and one that I had not expected or prepared for. I found myself drawing many faces of the 18th/19th century time period and it was only because someone recognised one of them as William Wilberforce that I began to research and discover that they represented slavery abolitionists from Britain, America and France. There had also been several drawings of people of colour from a variety of ethnicities. A journey: in fact a painful journey, had begun. The title reflects the effect it had on me, an elderly white British lady with basic historical education.
Granville Sharp

This picture took me to Granville Sharp, who, with William Wilberforce, continually motioned the parliament of the time to abolish slavery. It took them a long time. As I understood more about the subject I started to receive contacts from people who had been enslaved, and I could feel their feelings which were painful in some cases, very resentful in some and complete hopelessness in others. It covered all types of slavery from the infamous ‘Middle Passage’ instigated by we, the British; to slavery in the Muslim countries which involved marching thousands of people across deserts with no respite and thousands died.
The Pirate

The picture of the pirate came in 2014 and I knew he was a ‘Barbary pirate’ but had no idea of the significance at the time. I felt his energy and he had no concern for the people he captured it was just what he did.

Many people regard Mediumship as false and unacceptable and I would say to those people “I did not ask for this project to happen, it has been the subject of 3 years work and intense research, and has been very painful at times. However, it has happened and is designed to give a voice to those whose lives were destroyed by the greed of others, and covers many nationalities.”
The beautiful woman above came from Tahiti and was abused and captured by French sailors, people from those islands were captured and taken to places like Peru, to the mines, and Australia for Pearl diving. Resentment is clear in her eyes and I got the impression of her hissing and spitting when she was captured, but she was held by manacles on her ankles and used.
The book has initially gone out as an Ebook with KelFox House Publishing. and the hard copy will follow in the spring. This is a new publishing company specifically for books of a spiritual nature and wellbeing. It has been set up by people who fully understand Mediumship and the many different ways that it works. Before these pictures came I knew very little about the methods of slavery that took place, I haven’t watched any of the films like 12Years a Slave, or the programme ‘Roots’ but it is obvious that the subject will not go away as many people search for their ancestry and find they have connections in one way or another. I hope that I can add voices to the subject and in turn we can look at slavery that still exists today and do something about it.