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Psychic Art Book CoverMy new book is a pictorial spiritual journey through time bringing back some old values that could help in our modern world, including Tolerance, Compassion and Care for the Earth.

Tales of Unexpected Art and Words of Spirit Wisdom.

Available in paperback or downloadable e-book, from

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About Me

Sheila MooreI’m Sheila Moore, a Psychic Artist, Spiritual Medium and Reiki Healer using Colour Therapy to direct healing to people and animals.

Sheila Moore

I first became interested in spiritual matters in my thirtieth year, when as a driving instructor at that time I began having very persistent dreams. It was one of my driving pupils who suggested I go along to a Spiritualist church to find answers and that’s just what I did. And for the past 36 years it has become an important part of my life. My spiritual journey has led me to develop my psychic skills of healing, intuition and by working with my spirit guides to be able to channel messages from the spirit world through my psychic art.

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Today, I specialise in Psychic Art as it enables me to channel messages from your loved ones and interpret them in a way to help you gain insight into your current circumstances. Every one of my psychic art-forms is unique and individual with its own special message from the spirit world and your psychic guides, bringing you direction, healing, increased abundance, clarity and insight to your life.

I am here as your guide and healer for your special journey.

I look forward to being of service to you.

Sheila Moore.